Tidal Pool and Species Gallery

Alongside the ocean

Cape marginella

Beautiful settings

Pink feather duster worm

Inspiring imaginations

Lemon pleurobranch

Pristine environments

Finding cryptic creatures

Plum anemone

Tuberculate cuttlefish

Speckled klipfish

Chylocladia algae

Calm waters

Velvet dorid

Crystal water

Warty pleurobranch

A world of colour and surprises

Red fanworm

Striped Anemone

Wannabe seals

Surrounded by mountains

Spotted sea hare

Barehead goby

Yellow feather duster worm

Pufadder shyshark

A great experience

Two Black nudibranchs. Can you spot the Orange-clubbed nudi nearby?

Spiny starfish

Coral nudibranch

Sea-squirt paradise

Loving the discoveries

Pyjama catshark

Cushion star

Super klipfish

Sand anemone

Watchful Common octopus

Reticulated starfish

Catshark egg

Crevice anemone

Knobbly anemone

Granular cushion-star

Homo sapiens

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