About Your Hostess Yvette Oosthuizen

"I know every nook, cranny and cryptic creature in these pools and how to find them! I love to share my passion for these pools and the sealife that fills them.  I believe that we protect what we love, and we love what we understand." Yvette Oosthuizen, your ocean-mad hostess.


My greatest passion in the natural world is the ocean. I grew up going on holiday to the sea as a child and discovering all its creatures and moods. I fell in love. This passion for the ocean has been an abiding one, leading me to live on Cape Town's Southern Peninsula permanently, work in wildlife documentaries, dive in the kelp forests and contribute to ocean conservation. I'm a qualified scuba diver and adventure freediver. 

Sharing our tidal pools to both create a wonderful experience and share awareness about the ocean and its conservation is an honour for me. A gentle introduction, the tidal pools are the best and safest place to start, and are filled with surprising treasures. Around the tidal pools at low tide there is also a vast array of rock pools to explore. I look forward to sharing this with you!